Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wrestlemania Thoughts and a GMV

I know, I know, we have been back in town for a few days and not posted anything about the much ballyhooed blog trip to Wrestlemania 25, and I'm sure all you sexy readers are all wondering just what the whole trip was like.

Did we play wrestlemania bingo?

Did we meet any famous people?

Do we do cocaine off a strippers ass with Mikey Rorke?

Well, yes, yes, and ohh dear lord yes.

Let me give you some of my thoughts on what went down this last weekend. Over all I would like to point out that this trip was as hyped in my mind as any I have taken in the last couple of years. It was with 3 great friends, to a fun city, in a nice hotel, for an event I really wanted to witness. So even with all that hype, the trip was truly great.

Here are some highlights. We pretty much submersed ourselves in all things wrestling. We watched old Wrestlemania's in the hotel, met other wrestling fans in on the street, made wrestling signs like the one you saw on Bear's post, and so on. We even shelled out some money to go to the WWE fan Access on Saturday.

Now Access is a fan event held every year by WWE during Wrestlemania week and its kind of a "lets give back to the fans" bit that is truly geared toward kids and uber "its still real to me dammit" fans. We got to see some dark matches(matches not shown on TV), look at Wrestlemania artifacts, see old championship belts, they even had a thing where you could record your own entrance, or call a famous match from a pretend booth. We didn't do the last two because the line's were way, way to long, but we had fun none the less.

The main attraction at Access was meeting your favorite WWE superstars. They had about 4 or 5 locations, where if you waited in line, you got to meet 2 WWE people and shake hands and get an autograph. After walking around for a bit, we saw that at one place, the wrestlers were about to change, so not knowing who was going to take there place, we jumped in line. Turned out to be Ron Simmons and Maria.

Two things about this whole ordeal that I would like to point out. One: Maria is good looking yes, and she was in playboy last year, which made for a kind of awkward hand shaking as all you could think about in your mind was her naked, and what shameful things you have done to yourself while looking at her pics. Ohh while she is most def good looking, she isn't as "damn your hot" as you might think. We all agreed that we knew girls who were just as good looking as she was, and alot less orange.

Two: It was in this line that we saw the most die hard fan of the whole weekend. There was this guy, probably pushing 300 to 350lbs, wearing a sleeveless wwe t-shirt, and his whole left arm was covered in Autograph tats. Upon closer look we knoticed the names John Cena and Golddust. Yup, this guys arm was covered in tats, including 3 or 4 fresh ones that couldn't have been done but a day ago, of wrestlers autographs. Now that's a fan.

As to not make this post take up the entire first page of our blog, I'm going to break up the wrestlemaina experience into a two peicer, the other one coming sometime later today I hope.

I leave you with the wrestler that may have come out with the most wtf references from the 4 of us during the weekend.

He's Cool. He's Cocky. He's Bad. He's the Honky Tonk Man.

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