Monday, April 27, 2009

Stephen McGee. Really?

I really don’t know what the Cowboys were doing yesterday during the draft.  I can’t make sense of, well, any of the picks. 

A shit ton of tweener linebackers.

A so-so secondary set.

A meh offensive lineman.

A kicker???

And a quarterback.

Look, I don’t claim to know more about football or the draft than anyone employed by the NFL, or a majority of people I know.  But, you can’t look at me with a straight face and tell me that the Cowboys’ number one goal was to draft a new special teams squad.

As for McGee.  It made me shake my head to make sure I wasn’t still drunk from the prior night.  I got about 10 different text messages regarding it as well. (That’s right, I know 10 different people! Who’s popular now!?!) 

If you ask me, Jerry needed to sell tickets to the new stadium, and Aggies are just stupid enough to buy tickets to cheer McGee on the sideline. 

(Commence the “oh yeah? He beat Texas twice!” comments.)


pissed off Tioga said...

Worst draft ever! god damn Jerry Jones, he does a real good job of drafting good 5th round talent in the 3rd. Why does he make trades and not get anything out of them? I'd rather trade all our picks to move up and get at least 1 player that might start or at least be on the roster 3 years from now; than trade down and draft 12 players for the Desperados.
If you're going to trade down or out at least do it like New England does, and trade for a better pick next year. They get a lot more out of giving up this years 3rd for next years 2nd, then we do by giving up this years 2nd for a crappy 3rd and an extra 6th that won't make it past the 1st cut this summer. Then we usually give up that same 6th to move up 3 or 4 spots from that crappy 3rd because we panic that someone might grab the guy that will be the 7th best at his position in camp.

Not only that but he has now passed on a true NT type to back up the undersized Ratliff for 3 drafts in a row. If Jay goes down we'll have to move a back up O-lineman there I guess. Way to pass on any DE's too with Spears hitting free agency next year and Canty leaving this year. This year its a kicker to back up our pro bowl kicker, next its a punter to back up our pro bowl punter?

Fucking bumbling idiot!

Sad part is that it won't get better; unless we're really lucky next year and when Wade drinks his 8th Dr Pepper in round 1, he passes out from a diabetic comma, collapses onto Jerry suffucating him, and Rowdy takes over the draft... it's our only chance for savior. That and how cool would it be to see his big smiling bobble headish cowboy/clown face on ESPN's war room camera?

Hector, Hoboken, NJ said...

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the picks, i'll have to disagree with the 'worst draft ever' comment (thanks al davis!). There's no question that at times they fell asleep at the wheel – there’s no reason with all the picks they had, that Seattle should’ve been able to jump ahead of them and take that center from Oregon in the 2nd round. In addition, i was furious when we passed on Rashad Johnson, whose an absolutel ball hawk and will be great for the cards.

With that said, the mcgree pick is ok cause we’ll be able to run the wildcat now and I LOVE taking a kicker that can actually get touchbacks – our field position was god awful last year and this’ll save us 10yds per kickoff – this might be the biggest win of the draft (i found your blog looking up how bad we were in special teams last year!). The other DB’s they took could work in at safety or cb (led NCAA in picks as a tandem) so overall, not as terrible as you guys are making it out to be.

tioga said...

... and then we can run the statue of liberty and hook and latter since Boise St won with them; maybe even the "anexation of puerto rico" like on little giants. The Wildcat will go the way of the '89 mullet; defensive co-ordinators will have a whole offseason to figure it out and scheme to stop it.
That said, I agree with you on McGhee but for different reasons. Coming outta high school he was a higher rated passer than Stafford... unfortunatly for him he was duped by the College Station con man. Had he went to Georgia and Stafford to A&M he'd be seen in a way different light. I'm looking forward to seeing how he develops in a couple years or so.

Even with him it's still a bad draft; we didn't get even 1 starter out of it. I still don't know why we never made a move for WR Massoqui or OL Unger; we could have even possibly moved up for WR Robinski or S Chung. Instead we go opt for backups and "all speacial teams" performers. The only saving grace was that the DB's were solid players who should make the roster; but we passed on S Rashad Johnson and I'd take him over the 3 we drafted.

All that and for what? 4 LB's that need a WHOLE lot of coaching at new positions, (with a DE/OLB going to ILB, two DE going to OLB, and a SS moving to NLB), come this summer.
On a team that has 4 LB roster spots already secured, with Carpenter and Ellis most likely to have a better camp than the rookies making that 6 spots; I don't see where drafting 4 more works out, we won't carry but 7 or 8 after camp.

Ohh yeah, and the worst draft ever thing was refering to worst Cowboys ever... I would hate to be a Raiders fan, Davis lost his mind big time on that one.