Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Re-visiting my thoughts on Brad Miller

Christian Bale plays for the Bulls!

I was watching the end of the Bulls-Celtics overtime thriller last night (I told you it’s been an awesome series!), and on the last play of the game, Brad Miller airballed a wide open lay up that would have tied the game, and with the foul he took, give him the opportunity to put Chicago on top by 1 with 2 seconds left on the clock.

By that time, Ray Allen and Derrick Rose had both fouled out, so Chicago had a defensive front on the floor, and Boston’s stone cold shooter (who turned out to be PIerce anyway) wasn’t on the floor.

I immediately texted Big the following, “Oh my god, Brad Miller is fucking terrible.”

This is something I think I’ve said since Miller was a Pacer, but never more evident than in his current Bulls uniform.

Then I saw the replay, and I’ve got to cut Miller some credit. Rajon Rondo hit him in the jaw and knocked out a tooth while Miller was going up for the lay up.

Vinny of the Black was begging for a flagrant. Kevin Harlan wanted a flagrant. Only Doug Collins said, and rightfully so, Brad Miller would have had to be on the stretchered out for the refs to call a flagrant foul with 2 seconds left in a playoff series deciding game.

I just wanted to pull back a little bit on my Brad Miller hatred. I’m pretty sure getting a tooth knocked out by the skeletal remains of Rajon Rondo would throw me off my game from a) making a layup and b) sinking 2 game tying free throws in overtime of the playoffs when I haven’t taken a free throw all game and I’m Brad Fucking Miller.

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j-bizzle said...

he could've at least hit the rim on the second free throw which he was trying to miss...i do it all the time when i play...hit the rim i's not hard to do, tooth or no tooth