Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of those great bar debates

Right or Wrong, I'm getting PAID BIAOCH!

Debaters, giggle.

If your anything like me, and seeing as how there is like 4 guys who read this thing, when your out at a bar with some buddys, the conversation hits a lull as your watching some sport on TV, and then somebody throws out a crazy statement like "I think the Duncan, Manu, Parker Spurs could beat the Jordan Bulls in a 7 game series.

Its a simple trick to get talk started and debates flowing.

We had a similar type of talk when Memphis got bounced from the NCAA tourney the other day, as to whether or not their coach, John Calipari, would stay at Memphis, or jump to a "bigger" school in the college basketball landscape.

The augments were simple and pretty much down the middle 50/50. He would stay and continue to build Memphis into an elite program, or he would leave to coach one of already established big boys.

There are pros and cons for both augments.

Pros for staying:

Security: I'm pretty sure once you get Memphis to a final four like he did last year, you have bought yourself at least 5 years, 10 if you continue to make the tourney.

Branding: Duke wasn't a national power till coach K got them going, neither was Florida State, Penn State, or Va Tech in football till Bowden, JoePa, and Beemer got there. How different would we look at Memphis as a basketball power in 10 years if he stayed and won 2 or 3 titles?

Less Pressure: Until you start winning titles, and a bunch of them, in a town like Memphis, your not expected to win ever year, places like UCLA and Kentucky you are.

Pro's for Jumping:

Resume/Ego: Don't let it fool you, 90% of people love their ego stroked. And if you can be "The Guy" who got a traditional powerhouse back to the top, you would be the fucking man there. Think Bob Stoops, Pete Carrol, Jimmy Johnson, Mack Brown.

Recruiting: I had this debate with fellow college football die hard, He said that because of the downfall of Norte Dame football, smaller schools like TCU and UNT could out recruit ND. My only argument was if I walked up to a player and said "we want you to play for ND, and be a part of history," smalls schools don't have a chance.

With that in mind it is almost always easier to recruit to a big power school than a small one. Think of it like this, if Kentucky and Memphis were going after the same player, with all things equal, Kentucky will win 9 out of 10 times.

Money: And the last pro might be the biggest. Because of booster support and fan loyalty, the traditional programs can afford to pay more, and like the Million Dollar man says, Everybody has got a price! (didn't think I would do a long post with out a wrestling tie in, did ya?!)

So there is the pros, there are conns to both as well, such as pressure to preform at the big school, but as we see more and more Rutgers football coach, is the pendulum finally swinging toward staying at your small schools? I don't know, but its a fun bar debate.


Bear said...

This debate doesn't count unless Brown or I were present!

Brown said...

If that's the rule then one, two or all three of us would be dead.

Trust me, I doubt we'll make it out of Wrestlemania weekend without someone killing someone else.