Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay, Go Mavericks

A lot has been made that television ratings have dropped for the Mavericks this season.  You could point to the 2-7 start, the fans perceived “tiredhead” regarding the same starters, the total dominance of Kobe and LeBron as issues.  However, people thought that a playoff series against the hated rival Spurs was going to be what the fan base needed to re-energize.

But…television ratings haven’t really gone up or come close to what they were three years ago. Why?

It can’t be a sense of entitlement. We haven’t won anything.

It can’t be a sense of doom and gloom because Dallas is up 3-1 and playing some of the best basketball they’ve played in years.

It can’t be a sense of “luck’s about to run out” because, again, this team is playing the best basketball it’s played in years.

It’s not lack of starpower, Dirk, Josh, Kidd and JET are a great nucleus of stars.

So, what’s the deal?  Why are fans not gunned up for the Mavericks this year?

It’s fear.  Plain and simple.

The Dallas sports fan is a fairweather fan.  Those of us who have weathered the 11 win Mavs seasons and constant Ranger failures are the few and the proud (?).   Dallas fans are married to the Cowboys, and the heartbreak that has been caused by the team since 1996 is well etched on Dallas’s fanbase.  We’re afraid that if we truly follow and believe in a team, we’re going to get let down again.

No one believes that the Mavs can win the finals. Why?  Because they can’t.  No one is beating the Lakers in the West, that’s a given.  Because of this, fans have resigned that the season is over already, and all the playoff pushes in the world won’t matter.

All I can say is what I’ve told everyone who’s shown a slight disinterest in the Mavs:

Don’t Lose Faith.

As George Dunham said, “you know how your favorite movie ends, but you still stay till they roll the credits, don’t you?”

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the mavs made the playoffs?