Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making my video game weinie go crazy.

Ronnie to Rickey!?! Where's the Patrick Cobbs Love?!

I swore to myself I wouldn't get all crazy for the new Madden this year, as last years was just a pile of crap. The defense was to hard to stop the pass till you got to the end zone where you just picked off the passes one out of ever 3 times, the running game was a non factor, and the dynasty mode took to long during load times.

My fear isn't that Madden is getting worse however, its that I'm starting to lose steam to try and learn the game as I get older. I'm starting to think back to simpler days of Pro Sports Talk Football and smile. I'm really hoping the game sucked and not that "its passed me by."

Anyway, Jon Robinson over at ESPN has a great article about Madden 10, coming out in July or August, about some of the new features in the game.

Here are some High Lights.

New Dog Pile Fumble Recovery

"For the first time in series history, when the ball hits the ground, it doesn't just go to the guy who randomly touches it. In "Madden NFL 10," players will pile on the ball, and gamers will need to pound the button that is shown on the screen to try to wrestle away the rock. As the button commands change on the screen, the ball can switch hands numerous times until the refs actually dig through the bodies and declare a winner. "

I like that, however it's going to play to the "quick fingered"(giggle) players as apposed to who really has the best chance at getting the ball. But hey, its cool.

"Pro-Tak" system that helps control engaging players.

"This includes nine-man gang tackles, a brand new pocket for the offensive line, steerable blocks, steerable tackles and the fight for the fumble feature that really lets you fight for that ball at the bottom of the pile. "

I'm interested to see the "steerable blocks" and how that can help the oft shitty runing game.

Pocket Pressure Rumble Controller.

"So now, when your quarterback is under pressure, your controller will actually start to rumble. And now, when you feel that pressure, you feel that rumble, you can flick the right stick and do an automatic avoidance move."

Love this idea, if only they can attack something to you ribs, that way when you don't get out of the way, it feels like your getting crushed. That would be cool.

The WildCat

"Just as we're adding the Wildcat, we're also making sure our defenses are ready for the Wildcat."

Gag me. I love the Wild Cat, but I know people who will use this as there only offense. And I call those people Douchebags. And they should be hunted.

Getting all tough and stuff with Player Ratings.

"Our intention this year was to make the elite players stand out." "Peyton Manning still strut around with a 99 overall rating, backups such as Matt Leinart can only watch as their overall rating drops from a 85 to a 62."

That's what I'm talking about. The days of starting your team with Kirby Dar-Dar are over. Great players dominate bad ones, just look at Brad Johnson last year.

Then They talk about the officials and other visual stuff, nothing interesting. But I must say, even though I told myself I wouldn't get all excited about this game as I didn't enjoy last years almost at all, I'm getting excited about this game.

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