Friday, April 24, 2009

Look who's taking a stab at this whole "blogging" thing...

We have lots of friends on this little thing know as the interwebs. Some are people we have never really met (Gerry, Steve), and some are buddies of our from college and what have not(UniQM, Badlander).

Well one of our friends from the later group has decided that he's ready to stop just being a guest writer here on TB&TB, and strike out on his own. You all know him as Victor the manBEARpig.

He's given us some good if not long winded, sports thoughts, and I encourage everybody to check out his new blog The Bears Cave

He'll talk about what ever he damn well pleases, but its mostly gonna be about salmon, which tree gives the best back scratch, how to prevent forest fires, the bruins and why LaBatt Blue is the best beer ever. (or so I assume).

So check him out, leave some love, cuz if you don't, he'll get all sad like this.

and nobody likes a sad bear.

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