Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

So, I’m allowed to do whatever I want on the blog today because it’s my birthday.  I’m just going to put down a list of things that I hate. (This isn’t an exhaustive list.)

  • Midgets
  • Teenagers
  • People who don’t get sarcasm
  • Cats
  • Peach flavored yogurt
  • Women who think it’s okay to fart
  • Old Japanese people
  • Oklahoma
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • The Violent Femmes
  • Cooper Manning
  • Frosted tips
  • Mohawks and Faux-hawks
  • White people with chinese character tattoos
  • Hippies
  • Twitter
  • People who go to tanning salons

Ok, so I kind of ran out of gas there…told you it wasn’t exhaustive.  Anyway,  it’s time to ask the eternal question…how can she slap?


gerry dorsey said...

alright bro...i can support you on every single one of these...but cooper manning?? i need an explanation.

Brown said...

he's too quiet. i feel the brothers manning have taken a cue from their older brother and not archie.

he's michael. peyton's sonny and eli is fredo.

mark it.

j-bizzle said...

alright, brown....for your birthday i bought myself "the wrestler" on blu-ray

game 3 tomorrow! GO SPURS GO!

gerry dorsey said...

so what you're telling me is that you hate michael corleone?? BLASPHEMY!!

ps-archie is the man.

Brown said...

i was always a tom hagen man, myself. that and vito himself. you just like archie because of the saints.

or a nick geraci, if you read the books.

gerry dorsey said...

actually my archie love isn't really a saints thing b/c it was before my time. i just think he'a a cool dude.

tom hagen is the shit, i can't disagree. however i never learned to read.