Monday, April 27, 2009

The Best Series You Aren’t Watching

If Dallas’s interest in their own team is any indication, no one is focusing on what is the most entertaining series of the playoffs, and what could develop into an AWESOME rivalry to come.

If you aren’t paying attention, Chicago and Boston are locked up in a really entertaining series.  They had a few great games in the middle of the season, but no one thought they’d have four games of it in the playoffs.

Oh, and this is with injury depleted rosters and two terrible coaches.

Chicago won game 4 in a thrilling double overtime.  They won the first game in overtime, lost game 2 in the shoot-a-palooza between Gordon and Allen, and were blown out in game 3.

You’ve got the rookie of the year, Derrick Rose against the still improving awesome Rajon Rondo.  The underrated, could have been Maverick, John Salmons playing his best defense ever against the old man, Paul Pierce.  Gordon and Allen pretty much playing HORSE against each other. And the spare bigs battle of Noah/Miller/Thomas against Powe/Davis/Perkins.

If you aren’t watching this series…I suggest you do.  It’s what the Boston-Atlanta series was last year…fun and entertaining

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