Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wrestlemania bingo just got easier

As Big mentioned, we’re headed down to Houston for Wrestlemania in two weeks, and we’ve asked you to help us create some entries for bingo sheets and camera scavenger hunts while we’re down there.

Well…this might or might not affect your entries:

Kid Rock is going to be performing at Wrestlemania.

Continue your entries.


j-bizzle said...

Kid not wearing a wife beater

Anonymous said...

Gold teeth.

Someone throwing money or "making it rain."

Baw wit da Baw da bang da bang giggy giggy up jump tha boogie. (or whatever the fuck that song is)

7 inch heels


D-Nasty said...

I guess now there is a real possibilty of seeing a midget stripper- on stage! Joe Z would be so proud...