Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We need your help!

Dear sexy readers. I know you don't really trust me again yet. You think I'm going to go away again don't you? You are afraid that if you start believing in me again that I'll just turn on you once more, leaving you crying, and hurting.

But I'm not like that, baby. I'm not Chris brown.... Yea i wouldn't bite you and punch with one hand while I'm driving down the street to the Gramys, But your just like Rahoonie. You'll come back. You always come back.

You see I'm saying this right now because i need you. You may have noticed that the reference to wrestling have been, how should we say, plentifull. One might even say we have had a plethora of pinyatas wrestling references lately. There is a good reason.

Me, Brown, Bear, and Blog-a-dore are going to take a little field trip in a couple of weeks. We are going down Houston way, to the land of the Orliers, Astros to take in a little thing called Wrestlemania.

We have plenty of bits and what have not working in our head for the weekend, and one of which We would love some help on, and the people benefiting this will be not only us, but you the sexy readers.

We like to play a game called people bingo, where we look for certain things on our bingo cards that are, how should we put this, out of the ordinary. Take fore example if we were at a heavy mettle show, or rodeo, one of the things on the bingo card would be a black guy. The way you get points for it is if you can take a picture of them with camera or phone. Sound like fun?

So we need your help finding list items, and yes, we will post the pics when we get back.

Let me get you started in the right direction:
A guy with an NWO shirt.
Someone in a TO Jersey
A Pinata of a Wrestler (its in Houston)
A Hot Chick (bonus if she's not with kids)(double bonus if she's with unattractive dude(aka my fantasy))(super double bonus if you can get pics of her tit/bare ass)(ultimate boo-kakey bonus of all time if you put your sharpshooter in her figer 4)

and help us out in the comments.


D-Nasty said...

Midget Stripper

Anonymous said...

Someone wearing a luchador mask in the restroom.

Someone with multiple wrestling tattoos.

People talking about "The Wrestler."

A wrestler over the age of 60.

Someone you know personally besides the people you came with.

j-bizzle said...

a hulkamania foam finger

someone NOT involved with the show or security wearing a suit

the ram jam

a leprechaun in a tree