Thursday, March 12, 2009

South Park wins the title for most genius mainstream cartoon

"The Simpsons" is great, but is kind the old school player. They can bring the heat if they need to, but everyone knows they're the king, and just accepts it. Kind of like Shawn Michaels.

"Family Guy" is the new kid on the block who's captured everyone's hearts and is great doing what it does. Kind of like John Cena.

"South Park" however. "South Park" is the one that keeps going away so you kind of forget about it, but then it comes back with such jaw rattling fury you realize, it's always been the king. Kind of like The Undertaker.

If you didnt see "South Park" last night (if not, see it here.) You missed Trey Parker's and Matt Stone's giant middle finger to America's darling, Disney. The Jonas Brother, Grey's Anatomy (on ABC - owned by Disney), and Mickey Mouse were pretty much torn a gigantic new ass hole.

I stand up and salute you, "South Park".


Anonymous said...

South Park gets better year after year.

I don't share your opinion on Family Guy however. That show is hit or miss for me.

Brown said...

Which further proves my metaphor of Family Guy being like John Cena.

Pro Wrestling, it's got a metaphor for everything