Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking at the Mavs going into the postseason

So, if you watched the Mavs last night against Portland, you saw the team you half-way hope to see going into the playoffs. Now, I am making the foregone conclusion that this team has virtually locked the 8th and final playoff spot down by beating Phoenix two nights ago, so work with me.

Question is, how does this team look?

Are they going to come in with the fire of a 2007 Golden State and steal a series or are they going to be the 2007 Atlanta team that's just happy to be there?

More importantly, how do we as fans perceive that?

See, the Dallas Mavericks are an old team with Eeyore as a coach.

They still have no inside presence, to the point Simmons has gotten to calling Erick Dampier the next "great expiring contract". (However, the cat they got from Charlotte, Hollins, showed some REAL fire in pun intended)

Everyone outside of Dirk, Kidd, JET are just good enough to produce, but not consistent enough to produce on a night in, night out basis. Those three are consistent enough, but not "good" enough to carry the team beyond the Associations powerhouses.

I love this team as much as anyone, but I'm starting to question if we, as Maverick fans, have been spoiled by the past decade. This team has done nothing except go to the Finals once, yet we give them the Cowboy treatment of saying "it's a championship or nothing!" Why is that? Shouldn't we be happy that we have a team that's good enough to legitimately contend every year rather than a team that's really good and then really bad and then really good and then really bad?

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j-bizzle said...

if they end up in 8th, then i gotta go with they're out in the first round since they'll play the lakers.

they have a much better chance if they could move up a spot or two and played the spurs or the rockets.

they're really only a game and a half out of 3rd place, so they could potentially move as high as that. of course they probably won't because those teams won't all lose out.

i'd like to give a shout out to the eastern conference for having only ONE team below .500 in the playoffs (thus far) this year. this is way better than their usual 3 or 4 sub-500 teams. kudos