Monday, March 30, 2009

GMV - Welcome to Wrestlemania Week

We have made no secrets that we here at TB&TB are going on a little field trip this weekend, to the land of the screwed up tape, Paul wall, Webster slaughter and the sight of wrestlemania 25, Houston Texas.

So consider this your "welcome to wrestlmania week" post, because I'm pretty sure my wrestling hard on won't go away all week.

We start with a recap of wrestlmania X7. Why 17? Well I'm glad you asked. First it was arguably one of the best Mania's of the last 15 years, Stone Cold vs the Rock, tag team TLC (tables, ladders, and chairs) match, a gimmick rumble, Benoit vs. Angle, and HHH vs the Undertaker. The Card was just nuts. Plus it was the last time Wrestlemania was in Houston, and guess what, your portly pal and suntanned superman were there. If you catch a shot of the "titian tron" and look above it, those little specks that you think to yourself "surly they didn't put seats up there," that's where we sat.

So here is the recap of Wrestlemania X7,

And I know it had Limp Bizkit as the back track, but to be honest, it fits well with the time.

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