Thursday, March 5, 2009

Did the Cowboys cure cancer?

TO doing his best Kanye...

The text came through from Big last night, "Good bye TO". My first thought was, "holy crap, Big is alive!" then I remembered that he gave up the internet for lent (you thought I was kidding, didn't you?). Anyway, I checked the interwebs, and lo and behold, Terrell Eldorado Owens was released by your Dallas Cowboys.

Does this cure the cancer between him and Pacman?

Is the real Roy Williams ready to step up?

What excuse does our Hollywood loving, chubby chasing quarterback have left?

Use the comments to share your thoughts on the release of Owens...


D-Nasty said...

I can just imagine Romo and Jason Garrett holding hands and skipping down the beach through the waves as a sweet ballad plays in the background.

D-Nasty said...

Now a more serious perspective: 1. Thank goodness. That being said, who's going to step up? Roy Williams- perceived marquee player but really hasn't done much yet. Austin/Hurd- We may have some potential there but I doubt we see anything substantial in the near future.
Crayton- He's good at talking smack, but what happened to him for over half of the season last year.

2. Assuming that no other moves are made to bolster a very mediocre receiving corp at this point, do the Boys go back to a more ball control type of offense and use the tools they have? One would assume that a run first offense would be needed with 3 good backs and a monster tight end carrying the load. Well, then you get into a discussion about the O-Line. I personally don't think our offensive line is that good. In fact, I think they pretty much suck. Regardless of the stats in rushing and how they have protected Romo enough for all the yards put up, would you really put it on the line with these guys? I don't have the wealth of insight and stats that TB&TB do, nor do I want to invest the time to really run some figures. I'm just saying we are going to have to pick our poison- Run first with a shoddy O-Line or air it out with a mediocre receiving corp.

j-bizzle said...

Romo is already working with the real Roy Williams 3 times a week on routes and to create on-field chemistry. Crayton is, well...meh. Miles Austin was turning into a pretty decent receiver last year before we stopped using him (injury I think?). Oh yeah, and don't forget Jason "Nighttrain" Witten...that kid never stops.

I am of the firm belief that Witten is the key to the 'boy's offense. Think about it. When they threw to him consistently last year; they won. When they didn't; they lost. Plus, if you put him in as a run blocker on the edge, maybe MBIII won't take such a beating running up the middle all the damn time.

D, I'm okay with Romo and Garrett skipping down the beach as long as it's not in Cabo!