Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ahh, good to see I’m not alone

A large group of my friends are married.  They live to try and get us single guys to find a girl and settle down.  I can’t tell you how annoying this really is.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw this in Simmons's mailbag column.

“Q: Why can't Hollywood make a movie about a guy who doesn't get married, keeps his friends, loves life, dates hot girls up until they get crazy. But also show his old college roommate married with kids, a nagging wife, a crap job he can't quit because of the kids and mortgage. This should be made and mandatory viewing for any single male by the time he hits 18. At least he would have a fighting chance. If you have a great marriage awesome. But I would tell you that nine of 10 married guys I know are in the old college roommate state of life right now. Good luck all you engaged men. (Suckers.)
-- Gabe B., Waterloo, Iowa

SG: And that wraps up this month's installment for "Fellas, Don't Get Married!"…”

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Rawr Rawr Rawr she bear.