Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What the hell?

If you read Sports Illustrated, then you might come across the "Pop Culture Grid" in the front of the magazine. Well, it's online as well, and I was reading it and came across this gem.

The Question: Person I'd love to Have Interview

Sam Young said: SI.Com's Seth Davis

Jonathan Toews said: Chicago sports anchor, Paula Farris

Ben Wallace said: Oprah

Matt Lindland said: Dateline's Chris Hansen

Who wants to be interviewed by Chris Hansen? Dude, that means you just tried to have sex with a 13 year old...creepy.


j-bizzle said...

no, chris, my screenname is not "iheart13yos"

gerry dorsey said...

-"i was just coming over here to hang out"

-"with a 12 year old?"


-"then why do you have condoms, marijuana, beer, and handcuffs?"