Monday, January 19, 2009

Somthing to Titalate Chillingworth.

Got this off a rumor page at SI's Fan Nation site.

ESPN to get into broadcasting The Premier League in 2010. The Premiership is the NFL of soccer. Which is why Sir Arther might be peeing his pants right now.

Most disturbing info about that article, ESPN is planing on starting another network. Called ESPN America, where they are going to show English Soccer. I'm telling you, we are two steps away from the Ocho!

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Sir Arthur Chillumsworth Esq. III said...

The real question is: "Will the network attract soccer pundits and commentators from other parts of the world?"

Because the current team covering the Champions League (coming back in February) is terrible. Tommy Smythe should get hit by a truck and whatever completely forgettable american soccer spares of the past they drum up have no business in the booth at all.

And that's that bitches.