Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So, who's going to do it?

Its not really a matter of if anymore, but when. With the NFL season rolling to a close, and teams firing and hiring new coaches(someone take Garrett, please), one question comes to my mind. Its a question that is getting louder and louder, and one that the mear possibility sounded crazy a few years ago, but now, I'm just waiting for it to happen.

When is the spread offence coming to the NFL?

Who is going to be the bold, fuck it lets go for it team that will take the most popular and successfull college and high school system in the country to the NFL.

Its not longer a question of if, its when.

Take a look at all the teams that used the "wild cat" formation. You know what that is right? A variation of the spread. Look at the top QB's in college right now. Bradford, Tebow, McCoy, Daniels, Harrell, Nate Davis of Ball State, all Spread guys. The only one that didn't play the spread was Stafford from Georgia.

So whats stopping team from rolling in the direction? Is the NFL is too fast for the spread? Florida has won 2 national championships using it in the last 3 years. When your playing arguably the second best college team in the nation, how much different is that than playing a NFL team? I know the gap is bit, but it can't be insurmountable.

So who's going to do it?

Why not go for it, go out there and get 2 later round Spread QB's like Tebow or Harrell. Give it a shot. Do it. Spread it on!

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Brown said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but they already did it. It was called the "Run and Shoot" offense. Remember? Warren Moon and Jeff George were the guys.

Until June Jones and Jerry Glanville come back to the NFL, or Kevin Gilbride changes his style back to what he was, the spread ain't coming back to the NFL.