Friday, January 23, 2009

Really Jerry?

Yea, Dallas Cowboys to star in new Training Camp Reality Contest.

The "always right" Mike Irvin will host a training camp contest to award the last spot on the Cowboys roster. Yea, lets not let the Head Coach pick his assistant coaches, or the type of offence/deffense he runs, now lets not even let him pick his full team.

And you expect player to respect you coaches.....HA!


Brown said...

No one has a bigger ego than me.

And remember, I'm not being pretentious, I'm just better than all of you.

America. Bald Eagle. Waving flag.

j-bizzle said...

1 guy out of 80 isn't going to make anything different for the coaches. the show isn't going to follow the guy through training camp once he's in so there's no distraction with that.

what's wrong with a nobody potentially becoming a somebody?

i submit the 2008 tech red raiders and their kicker and the 197? philadelphia eggles and that wide receiver they made a movie about

would this be as big a deal if it was a different franchise? would everybody be flipping their shit if it was for a spot on the chiefs' roster? i think not.