Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick hit list to end all quick hit lists

Not much time for blogging this week, so here's a quick hit list of things for you...

-The Mavs aren't going to trade Josh Howard. Yes, it makes sense, but Mark Cuban loves these guys and he drafted Howard, so he won't trade him. That Diop trade for Carroll and Hollins however, could spell the end of the JET as they might trade the man who's got the highest value outside of Dirk.

-"Lost", you had me at the first plot twist and you'll never lose me. "Fringe" on the other hand, I'm still on the fence about. "Leverage" is the best show on television that no one is watching.

-The Rangers lost Eric Hurley for 2009 (unless they make the playoffs, HAHAHA!). He was going to be a rotation guy, probably 4th or 5th starter. Now? Well. Um. They did sign Omar Visquel to a minor league contract in case the Elvis Andrus experiment fails. You know, the 41 year old utility man? Anyone? God I hate this team.

-People who are saying that because Arizona made the Super Bowl is the reason why college football shouldn't have a playoff system are searching for something to use as ammo.

-Mike Vick is due to be released in a few months. PETA is, once again, asking Goodell to provide a "full psychiatric examination" before allowing him back into the league. Now, I've never been to jail, but I'm going to assume that the prison system will do that profile before releasing him into, you know, society. This ain't Shawshank.

-Troy Aikman called out Tony Romo for thinking that perception doesn't matter because "perception is everything". If Tony doesn't listen to Troy, a man who had to deal with Skip Bayless and a Randy Galloway at his prime, then there is no hope for the little douchebag that could.

-If you haven't started to watch "Friday Night Lights" yet, this is a good season to start. Take it from me, that's what I did.

I love you all.

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gerry dorsey said...

kudos to troy, b/c i can't fucking stand bayless and galloway despite them being light years past this "prime" some people seem to think they had at some point.