Monday, January 26, 2009

No, No, No, No, Never, Never, No!

Baseball has been berry berry good to me

Look, I want to believe as much as anyone. Any since the 06 Tigers, 07 Rockies and 08 Devil Rays did it, everyone is looking for the next "big surprise" team to storm the MLB and get to the World Series.

I appreciate the hype, America, but it is NOT going to be the Texas Rangers.

But, they have the best farm system in America!

Nolan is going to make changes around here regarding mentality!

We've got Max Damage poised to repeat his dream numbers!

We're going to sign Ben Sheets and Kris Benson!

I really want to believe it to, and looking at the three past years of Cinderellas, I still hold on to a shred of hope.

But I'm not stupid.

If any team can fuck up their situation like Carl Badlander fucked over mine, it's Jon Daniels and Tom Hicks. Unlike Big's "I love Tom Hicks" initiative, I believe that he is a hands off guy, but only for he right price.

All the pitchers in the farm? Either going to overpitch and get hurt (Hurley), get traded before their prime (Young, Volquez), outright fail (Loe), or just never make it to the bigs (Diamond.)

Nolan's forcing people to try and do what they did when he was playing. Guys aren't that tough anymore, and Texas is too hot for them to pitch complete games in August. Bringing guys up too early is going to damage them in Texas, and we'll be left with the Loe's and Benoit's of the world.

Josh Hamilton was a great story last year. I really want him to do well. Josh Hamilton will hit a sophomore slump because pitchers know his mentality now, and Jon Daniels will get scared and trade him. Mark it.

Ben Sheets and Kris Benson are great names to bring in. What will really happen is that they'll be injured in no time flat, and it'll be just like the Adam Eaton move. A year of "meh" and then he'll move along.

I want to believe, but I'm not someone who just stumbled across the Rangers. I've been a fan and seen shit just fail for 20 years now.

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