Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GMV - Nude Music Friday

I'm going to try and bring you sweet sexy readers some new music every week. This week, a M.C. named Asher Roth. He's a white guy from Pennsylvania. He hates it when people compare him to Eminem, but lets be honest, he sounds alot like Em's silly shit. He's not quite as violent, more of a deep thinker, with lyrics and rhymes that have more meaning than most.

Here is his first shot at a single from what I can gather. Its called I love College, and its good.

Its a nice song, but to really get what this guys about I suggest you check out his mix tape, The Greenhouse Effect, which can be downloaded (for free!) at his website Here is a taste...

If you like rap music, give this guy a shot, he could get pretty big.


Website(pretty cool site)

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