Monday, January 12, 2009

Come on, Mike, the party's just 2 years away (again)!


So, if you haven't heard the news already, Mike Young, "face" of the Texas Rangers, is asking to be traded. Why? Because the Rangers have asked him to move to 3B to allow for the promotion of hot prospect, Elvis Andrus, in order to "put as many championship caliber athletes on the field at one time."

Allow me to speak for no one but myself here, "meh".

I know what you're thinking, "MEH!? ARE YOU RETARDED? IT'S MICHAEL YOUNG!"

So? Are you really going to sit there and tell me you think this Ranger team is going to contend or anything while Young is still in his prime and contributing? You're more of a delusional homer than I am, in that case.

I believe Michael Young signed his big contract with the Rangers under the idea that they would take 2 years (remember, every year they say "we're 2 years away"). He was tagged the captain and the face of the franchise. He's the perennial all-star and gold glover. Mike Young was our guy and he was going to be our guy for years to come.

However, this team is still a solid 3 to 4 years away from being anything close to resembling a contender in the West. Michael Young's production is already starting to falter, though his defense is as stalwart as ever.

Would I love to see Young on the hot corner while he leads a young and talented infield of Davis, Kinsler and Andrus?

Hell and Yes.

Do I also believe that if the Rangers can package Young at his peak and actually get something in return that can be here and primed in a few years?

Yes (not with the conviction as before, but I'm realistic).

We complained when Juando left, but we got over it.

We complained when Pudge left, but we got over it.

We scratched our head with the A-Rod trade and pay, but we got over it.

We'll get over Mike Young and continue to drivel in the hell of Ranger fandom.

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