Thursday, December 4, 2008

So, anyone seen what Devin Harris is doing?

This is just a funny picture of Carlisle.

So, let's get this straight. Avery didn't like Devin Harris because he wasn't the kind of point guard that Avery was. Avery liked Jason Kidd because Jason Kidd is the kind of point guard that Avery was. Avery makes a damn near franchise-ruining trade by sending Devin to New Jersey and bringing Jason Kidd back to Dallas.

Now...let's look at some numbers.

Jason Kidd

Devin Harris

Oh. No.

To be fair, Kidd does pull more rebounds, and he's kind of on his own with no solid backup (though if Barea keeps playing the way he is, I might have to write an apology post soon). However, if you've watched these guys play, and you're a Maverick fan, you've slapped yourself on the forehead several times and probably punched your groin as well.

(Hangs head in shame)

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