Thursday, December 4, 2008

Really, what was so bad about Sean Avery's comments?


Did they objectify women? Well, yeah, it kind of did.

Was it improper smack talk in a public forum off the ice? Well, yeah, it probably was.

Did it embarrass the Stars organization? Most probably.

Was it more WWE than it was NHL? Yup (probably why I liked it.)

My question is, what it really that bad?

Come on, in the grand scheme of things, saying a guy is enjoying your "sloppy seconds" isn't that bad.

If I were Sean Avery, I'd have looked in the camera and said, "Hey, Frenchy, how's my dick taste?"


j-bizzle said...

he shouldn't have been suspended by either the nhl or the stars. i would've been okay with just a fine. the problem is that avery (on his way to becoming the new "mouth of the south") has apparently been mouthing off like that for a while and the nhl finally got tired of it. he just likes being that guy. he apologized earlier today...probably because elisha cuthbert (the ex whom this was indirectly directed toward) probably called him up and tore him a new asshole. but seriously, wouldn't YOU do anything SHE told you to?

j-bizzle said...

fuck you html formatting...just google her