Friday, December 5, 2008

Now THIS should get you kicked off the team for a game or two

No lie, Title of this pick, Puck Off

Brown didn't think Sean Avery's little "sloppy seconds thing" was that bad, more just kinda funny. (i agree by the way)

Well how about this.

""....Griffith insisted to me that while she taunted Avery, she never used foul language. So what was Avery's response? According to Griffith, Avery said, "You're nothing but an old f**king c*nt, I wouldn't even c*m in your face." After which he sprayed her with his water bottle. It was after that the refs assessed Avery a second game misconduct, and Griffith is pretty much convinced Avery's reaction to the confrontation with her was the reason."

Griffith is a 60 year old woman.


This might be too much of a throw back, but can we call this getting "Dice Clayed"? When someone say something funny, but its crazy offensive? Ahh go fuck yourself, you fucking douchebag.

Little miss Muffet....

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