Monday, December 1, 2008

My new target of irrational hatred

Fantastic tackling, kid.

Bill Buckner and Steve Bartman can welcome to their club a new member.

Blake Gideon.

That's right, we're going to add one more person to the "People who are irrationally and unfairly blamed by a fan base for the loss of a shot at the title."

An easy interception.

That's all you had to make.

The ball fell into your hands and you dropped it.

Make the pick, and Texas is still the number one team it the land.

But no, you shit the bed.

Why is he playing safety at all? Are we saying he is John Lynch? NO! This guy has the making of the next Reed Doughty or Brian Russell.

Welcome to Chris Simms-ville, Blake Gideon. For no rational reason, you are now at fault and hated by the Texas fan base.

I hope you step on a rake and suffer the most outlandish of Sideshow Bob situations.

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