Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guest Post and Field Trip: Bizzle Goes to the New Texas Stadium

We don't hide the fact that we encourage our readers to submit cool stories and pictures to us so we can post them up here and the 2 other people that read this can laugh. Not many of you actually do this, but one guy who comes through in clutch is J-Bizzle.

This time, he might never be topped.

J-Bizzle got himself a tour of Jerry World, and he's shared some pictures with us.

UPDATE: Bizzle sent his own comments....see in bold

The Outside of the Stadium

This stadium is so big that you can see it from North Richland Hills...about 16 miles away

The East End of the Stadium

If you want an analogy for a size comparison:
Cowboys Stadium : me :: Big's right man-boob : the cheeto he found that he thought was a "lump" when he was giving himself a breast exam....

The View of the BallPark at Arlington

It also makes Ranger's Ballpark look ludicrously small.

A $100K Star that sits on top of the scoreboard. It's just something nice for blimps to get a shot of...

No really, that star is purely for the enjoyment of the Goodyear blimp guys. That Jerry; thinking of everybody.

A view from above the scoreboard

This is from in the neighborhood of 260 ft. above field level.

That support has to support 9 Million pounds of force, and the hand of Kyle Orton faced J-Bizzle

The buttresses are larger than 4 bulldozers apiece.

Jerry's Suite in Jerry World

This is the view that Jerry gets at every game. He also has his personal elevator to take him to field level whenever he feels like going down there. Interestingly, no helipad at this stadium.

Jerry's Throne in Jerry World

This isn't actually Jerry's Throne, although technically 75% of the toilets in that place kind of are. This is the bathroom inside one of the $150K/year suites on the suite level that you see in pic 13. They wouldn't let me take it for a test drive.

The center of the field

The scoreboard weighs 500 tons as is in this pic. It's essentially a 10 story building with two elevators. Once the crew adds the electronics, it will weigh 750 tons.

The catwalks above

That catwalk starts out at least on a 60° grade. It’s so steep that on the way down the catwalk that you use to get there doesn't look like it's level at all.

One of the buttresses also holding up the stadium...please don't fall.

I think the guy said this is the largest building in the world to be supported solely by arches. The keyword there is building. Each buttress goes into the ground 70 ft. and then goes out from the stadium 110 ft. For those keeping track: that's one 10-story building for a scoreboard and 4 7-story buildings keeping the stadium from collapsing.

Bizzle called this "Seats in the Sky"...what a shitty view

This is from the catwalk in pic 10 looking at the top tier seats. I stood on the back row of the stadium (which would probably be the only seats I could afford) and it's really not a bad view of the field at all. At least they're not behind a Titan-tron, right?

The suites...

Ranging from $100K-$1M per year. I asked if the $1M suites came with happy endings, but our guide wasn't sure.

The beginnings of the scoreboard

I'd kind of like to go to Texas Stadium now just to get the feel for how much bigger the new stadium is.

This is called "The Bus Loop", and it can, apparently, fit an entire bus

Yes, yes it can.

The club level...will be the home of 2700 televisions

I tried to enjoy all of these places that I will never get to go once the stadium is complete.

The roof still has a hole, only this one can be covered

Brown's caption covers this one.

The seats of the common man

And I sat in one for free. $5 to touch me.

Other highlights: a giant beer cooler which is about 2 stories tall; the locker room where each locker will have an outlet, DSL, HDTV and (why not) a Playstation; there is a Walmart literally across the street which was only allowed to be built because they broke ground the day the stadium was approved, yes they sell beer; I live about 2 miles straight North of the stadium so tailgating at my place!; interesting fact, you could lay the Statue of Liberty down inside the stadium and she’d fit end-to-end.

Total cost: $1.2 billion
Construction cost: $800 million
City of Arlington’s input: $300 million

Bizzle, awesome job of capturing these shots and thinking of your buddies at The Big and The Brown. Now if you can only work a press pass for us....

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