Monday, December 15, 2008

The Greatness that was the Video Game Awards

While Bear and I watched the Cowboys last night, we switched over to the Video Game Awards on Spike a few times(he's a big gamer too). The show was mostly filled with singers we have never heard of, and game previews for the up coming year. Some looked good, other not so much.

The host was Jack Black, and if you like him(i do), then he was great. The opening where he asked God (Darrel from the office) if there was a heaven for gamers, and God told him there was, but he must defeat the devil's three demons, Reading, Exercise, and Healthy relationships with girls, before he could enter. It was quite good. I have tried to find it on YouTube, but alas, I can't. If i do, I'll post it.

Until then, here is another of the good moments of the show. Promoting his new movie, Kevin James and street skateboarding legend Mike Valley. Funny stuff.

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