Friday, December 19, 2008

Do athletes really pay attention to crappy fan blogs?

No relevance, just our buddy, Bear, on the highway earlier this week.

The GREAT Bethlehem Shoals over at The Sporting News Blog had an interesting post today about how Toronto is alienating their best player, Chris Bosh.

He makes some really solid points and mentions a Kevin McHale article on how blogs are runing the league now. Basically, he's saying that fans DO have in impact on players and their desire to stay in a city and on a team...after all, ask Braylon Edwards how he feels about Cleveland the city versus Cleveland the team.

This got me thinking, is there any chance in hell that a Maverick player (looking at you, Barea) has been browsing the internets and stumbled across our little corner of the world? (On a separate note, to the anonymous person who called me a racist for wanting less Barea, I'd say check out when that was written and you can see the apology. Besides, I've uttered waaay worse things against Puerto Ricans.)

Anyway, I'd like to think that we're educated fans on the things we run posts about. You don't see me posting anything relevant or critical of the Stars because, you know what, I don't watch the Stars. I'm not defending a fan's or blog's right to be an ass hole towards players, but there is a line between healthy criticism and general ass-holery (a line I straddle well, thank you).

The point of this post is this: to think that a blog has any affect on players is a bit discomforting...

So, Bobby Carpenter, if you're reading this, I hope you get a training session with Chris Benoit's personal trainer. That is all.

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