Tuesday, December 2, 2008

College Football Round Up - Championship Week

Well, maybe Brady can get my old Job Back.

Ahh the smell of controversy. The whining, and bitching and moaning. Somewhere in the distance I can hear someone say "But we beat them" and "Well we beat them worse." It must be the start of December!

So there are 10 BCS slots to fill with all the BCS bowl games, and the championship game. We know already that Penn State, USC, Utah, and Cincy are in. And we have 3 championship games this weekend that will fill at least 3 more. The winner of each of these games will play in the big money bowls.

ACC: No. 17 Boston College vs. No. 25 Virginia Tech, Noon ABC
SEC: No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Florida, 3:00 CBS
B12: No. 20 Missouri vs. No. 2 Oklahoma, 7:00 ABC

So with 7 slots filled up, where do the others come from?

Boise is undefeated, but won't draw well.

They can only take one of these two: Texas, and Texas Tech, both 1 loss teams

Unless Bamma kills Florida, they will probably take the loser of that game.

I'm pretty sure Ohio State and the following that it brings will be one of the At Large bids, and after that you have 2 non BCS schools (TCU, undefeated Ball State), and some 3 loss teams, (Okla State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Oregon). So this weekend will be fun fun fun to watch.

A brief look at my rankings then on to the bowl predictions.

Main Eventers:

No. 1 Alabama (win 36-0 Auburn) - The only true, Win and your in school, that nobody has a problem with, except for the fact they are 10 point dogs to Florida

Mid Card Guys

No. 2 Texas (win 49-9, Texas A&M) - Question for Texas fans, if its such a big deal that you beat Oklahoma head to head (and don't get me wrong, it is), then when it comes to which Big 12 team gets to go to a BCS game outside of the conference winner(remember due to BCS Bylaws, there can only be at most 2 teams from one conference unless 2 teams play in the BCS Champ Game), between you and Texas Tech, shouldn't it be head to head wins as well? That would mean Texas Tech goes and Texas would get the Cotton. Just something to think about.

No. 3 Oklahoma (win 61-41, No. 12 Oklahoma State) - The thing i really don't get about this whole bit, is how everybody i read/watch/talk to/listen to/jerk off, says that Texas should get the nod over Oklahoma due to the shootout win, yet in the human polls, Oklahoma is head of Texas. Somebody is lying. And lying makes baby Jesus cry.

No. 4 Florida (win 45-15, No. 20 Florida State) - What happens if Alabama just barley loses, in a game that had 170 total yards of offence, 7 turnovers, 100 pen, and such bad sportsmanship that made the Orange Bowl brawl look tame. Is it a grantee that Florida jumps Texas in the BCS Rankings? Note how bad the rest of the SEC was this year, and how Texas would have a win over the number one rated team in the country, with the only loss being to a top 10 team on the road, all it would take is some brave people to vote Texas ahead of Florida in the human polls, and the BCS computer rankings might just keep Florida below Texas. How crazy would that be?

No. 5 USC (win 38-3, Notre Dame) - Been preaching it for awhile, but forget Texas, forget Tech, the biggest ass rapeing was on USC, who because of one loss to a decent team who we though would be shitty, has NO CHANCE to play for the strap, and now they get to go beat up on Penn State, they won't even get a shot to play one of big boys in the show.

Lets get to the bowl predictions already

BCS Champ


Penn State


Ohio State

I would watch all those game, except for the Orange. I really don't care about Cincy or BC, despite my Catholic guilt.

I'm really, really praying for a Bamma vs Texas bowl match up somehow, The mustache bet between brown and dorsey would just fantastic. I'm thinking 1 week for every 2 points the team looses by. Lord that would be fantastic.


gerry dorsey said...

a) i just don't want bama to play f'ing utah.

b) HOLY FUCK texas/texas tech is going to gang rape ole miss/lsu in the cotton bowl.

c) my girlfriend is going kick big and/or brown's ass (as well as my own) should i enter a mustache contest of any sort.

gerry dorsey said...

ps-that's not to say i wouldn't do it.

Big said...


j-bizzle said...

1) i think the team that beat OU a year ago would be a great draw

2) when is notre dame going to realize that white irish catholics haven't been the edge of recruiting since 1949? it's not Weiss, it's the scrawny white boys his staff keeps recruiting