Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big's End of the Year Awards - Wrestling

I was thinking about doing some end of the year awards post after watching the Video Game Awards the other night. You know, do it like a "real" award show, give nominees, pick a winner, do a fake thank you speech, but there was two things wrong with that idea.

1. It would take WAY to long, and I'm lazy
2. Nobody really cares, and would just skip past the post after the first 2 sentences.

None the less, I still want to do something like it, so I came up with 4 things that I enjoy doing not involving a slab of meat or a scantly clad showgirl, and I will give you my "awards" for those things.

Up first is Wrestling.

I know, not another wrestling post. But its one of few things that keep my attention outside of the sports world, and I love it. So here are a few awards for the Genre of Wrestling.

Top Face of 2008 (good guy)

Jeff Hardy

I always look at a guy that being a good face if its somebody I root for, constantly. Is funny and intense on the mike, and preforms well in the ring. I haven't really rooted more for anybody this year more than the Enigma, Jeff Hardy. From his first shot at the title against Randy Orton during the Rumble, to his suspension for drug use, from his comeback to being "drafted" by Smakdown, and then to last weekends title victory over HHH and Edge and his soon to be feud with his brother (hopefully). I have enjoyed rooted more for Matt Hardy than anybody else in the business right now.

Runners Up: CM Punk, HBK, HHH,

Best Heel of 2008

Chris Jericho

It was a tough call between him, Orton, and Edge, because these three guys are just about as perfect a heel as you could want. The sheep fans hate them because they are told too, but the smarts fans love to hate these guys. I picked Jericho because of his ability to carry a feud, and a story line without chasing after or defending a championship belt. He's work with Shawn Michaels was brutal, and captivating, leading to his heel turn, where he took over as top heel of the company. His work has been just nasty good.

Runners up: Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Edge

Top New Comer (guy i think has a shot at being big)

CM Punk

Regulated to ECW for the start of the year, made a big splash when he won Money in the Bank and wrestlmania. Unlike what i feared would happen, he didn't cash in his title shot for the ECW championship, instead waiting till he got "drafted" to Raw, and took advantage of a beaten down Edge to win the World Heavyweight title.

I loved his run with the title. It was something new, and unexpected. Something the WWE rarely does.

Runners Up: Evan Borne, Santino,

Female Wrestler of 2008:


For the longest time I wasn't a big fan at all of female wrestling. Fun to look at, but the only redeeming part of the matches were watching to see if a nipple popped out. Then I started watching TNA wrestling a little more and my view changed. They didn't just have super models trying to wrestle, they had full out wrestlers who could really throw down, and had distinguishable traits

ODB is one of them, and in my opinion, the most fun the watch. She's a little mannish, but has some good moves, and fantasticlly large chesticals. I mean come on, a little bit of a big girl who drinks alot, cusses, and can beat my ass? How can I not love this chick.

Runners up: Gail Kim, Roxxie, Beth Phoenix.

So there is my end of year awards for wrestling. I'm going to try and get another one up today, either Music or TV. So check back this afternoon.

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JReb said...

Chris Jericho is a Rock Star. He is the coolest and has been for at least 10 years. He would be cool if he wasn't a wrestler because of the fact that he is so damn cool.