Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big's End of the Year Awards - TV

We already did wrestling, so Its time to focus on TV.

Cable TV. How great are thee. With your channels more than three, and such great picture quality. Its easy to see, that without you I would be, a more contributing person to society.

A poem by Mamma-auk-a-boo-boo-day

I did watch more TV this year than I have in the past couple because of the fact I could afford Cable, and one with a DVR to boot. No longer do I have to choose to either play video games or watch TV! America is great! Here are my tops for the year.

Animated Show : Family Guy.

Haven't you heard about the Word? I'm sure its no surprise that a couple of juvenile joker like us love the greatness that is Family Guy. While I will always be a Simpson's fan at heart, I found myself laughing more at Family guy this year than Homer and the crew.

Runners Up: Simpsons, ATHF, Robot Chicken

Best Comedy:

How I Met Your Mother

I don't think any other show on TV has hit the late 20 early 30's market better than this one. They live just like us, only much more wealthy and funny! The show is made by Neal Patrick Harris's part of Barny Stinson, a suited up ladies man. We all have that friend in our group, who is still all about getting ass, while others are looking for relationships. Its funny cuz its true!

Runners Up: Psych, Daily Show, 30 Rock, the Soup

Best Drama:

Sons of Anarchy

I'm not into lost, Friday Night Lights is only showing on Direct TV till the new year, I missed last years Shield because i didn't have cable so i am waiting for the DVD's, so i guess what I'm saying is I really didn't watch a lot of drama's they year. At least not alot of good ones. But SOA is an exception. I'm pretty sure SOA never stayed on my DVR longer than a day or so. It was first available 45 that I had, I was watching that show. Bikers, Morality, Crazyness...sign me up!

Because of this show, brown and I are starting a Motorcycle gang, called the Burn Cycle (don't ask about the name, its a long story), despite the fact that nether of us have Bikes, or are very scary at all.

Runners Up: House, CSI, Life.

Best Reality Show

Go fuck your self!

I despise Reality shows. I wish they would all go away. That said, I will get suckered into watching American Idol a few times, and late night reruns of Real World bullshit on MTV. I know it sucks, but I can't help it.

On a side note, everybody needs to help me convince brown to submit a tape for the casting of "the greatest race." How funny would it be to have your favorite blogers rock that show! You know who would win if that happened? America that's who.

Best New Show I'm sure will get cancelled soon.

True Blood

This is one of those shows that I really like, but I can completely understand if nobody else does. Its about Vampires, which is one strike against it for most people, but the way the show is put together is entertaining, if not always logical. One really good reason is to watch is that its got lots of Nudity, including Anna Paquin (who played Rouge in XMen). Very good stuff.

That will do it for TV. If I forgot something, hit me up via comments. Music and Movies are next, stay tuned.


gerry dorsey said...

every night before i go to sleep i get down on my knees and pray to barney stinson.

Brown said...

Burn Cycle...there's an inside joke that no one will get.

I don't think anyone wants to see "The Amazing Race" let alone a fat white guy addicted to cigarettes and porn paired up with a balding Indian guy with anger management issues

Big said...

I'm pretty sure, and i know its hard to speak for everybody, that EVERYBODY wants to see a fat white guy with a addiction to cigs and boobs and a balding angry Indian on TV.

Leona Raisin said...

Since you mentioned Family Guy in your post, you might be interested in this TV Anagram Game: Peter + Lois + Chris + Meg + Stewie = The [Fig Fern] Family. Play today's TV game.