Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whats up Austin!

So this post is for people in Austin who need to make a little cash, or fans of the best show on TV, Friday Night Lights. I'm not going all Bill Simmons on you and gush how you should be watching this show or the terrorists win, but its a damn good show, and anybody that I have met that has sat down and watched 2 episodes, agreed its one of the better shows to come out in a long time.

So i have a buddy of mine, that works "in the biz." He has done some movie work, working behind the scenes and what have not, and currently he is working on FNL in the casting department. They are shooting the big Championship game this weekend and has asked if we would try and help him get people down there for it. You get to be a part of the show, free food, and some cash to boot! here is the details.

"Friday Night Lights is shooting the State Championship game for the Dillon Panthers. Extras are needed beginning at 1:00pm on both Friday and Saturday, the shoot could go as late as 10:00pm so you should plan for the whole day. There will be prizes raffled off, you will be given a lunch and snacks throughout the day and at the end of it all you get paid $56 per day. Not to mention you will see actual football played and also get to see your favorite FNL cast members at work.

The game takes place this weekend at the DKR in Austin TX, home of the TX longhorns.

If you are interested please call the casting office @ 512-707-7934 for more info or to book a spot."

So if your interested, give them a call.

As another side bar, I got to meet the actor who players "Buddy Garrity" last year at a football game, and he is just as proud of the show as anybody, and was extremely welcoming and nice.


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