Thursday, November 6, 2008

Terrible Correlations and Restricted Satire

The Big and The Brown: Old West Style

Great, at least 4 more years of this

Personally, regardless of political leanings, the fact that African American has been voted the President of the USA truly is an historical and amazing event. I think it speaks volumes towards the direction that this country is headed. I'll put aside some of the most racist shit I heard or read via text message on Tuesday night because the majority spoke and that's the case.

In my only political statement I'll make in my life, let me say this. Regardless of your political leanings or beliefs, this guy is our President. For those who supported him, you got what you wanted, now let's see the man follow up on those promises. For those who were against him, you spent your entire time trumpeting your love for this country. Now that country has a leader and if you love it, you'll support him and follow him as he leads. People don't have to live in extremes, less we end up in an awesome South Park parody.

However, there are two things that are going to happen now that are going to drive me crazier than Lawrence Taylor.

1) Leap of Faith Correlations

I'm looking in your direction, ESPN. Exactly how are you going to draw the conclusion and reference point that because America voted in a black president, more colleges need to hire black head coaches? I must have missed something. I understand putting rules in place like the Rooney Rule and the Eddie Robinson rule. That makes perfect sense to me. But, come on, let's not be so stupid as to say that because the election of Barack Obama, Oklahoma is going to fire Bob Stoops and hire Tyone Willingham. Wait...that should actually happen, but I digress.

By the way, my favorite line in that whole piece was this, "Staffers for Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez told surveyors he is not Hispanic." I doubt Hispanics would like to claim him as their own.

2) Jesse and Al teaming up like Ace and Gary

Politics is followed by satire like peanut butter and jelly. Period. It doesn't have to be hate filled like Democrats have been the past 8 years, and it doesn't have to be extremist and confusing like Republicans the 8 years before that. Comedy and satire are natural lenses that we can few society and leaders of society. As the soon to be most powerful person in the country not blogging under the pseudonym, Brown, Obama is going to be satirized and made fun of. Unless you're some of the readers and commenters on this blog who tend to say some pretty questionable shit sometimes, THE HUMOR IS NOT RACIST. Got it Jesse? Got it Al? Just because someone makes fun of or mocks Barack Obama, it's not a slight on the black man.

What's the over/under before Jesse, Al, Whitlock or Ricky Smiley scream "racism" after the first set of jokes are made at Obama's expense? I'll set the line at 5 minutes.

Anyways, to think that the election of a black man as President is going to change the sports landscape is a pretty stupid thought to have. He's not the commissioner of any of the leagues, and, trust me, there's a shit ton of other things him and his staff need to worry about first. If he's mocked or scrutinized because he's more worried about throwing the first pitch out at the White Sox opener or because he put a basketball court in the White House in lieu of a bowling alley, it's not being racist (hopefully), it's being funny (also, hopefully).

Now, because this was a semi-serious post, I'd like to close with the following....


Anonymous said...

wtf are you talking about? A million and one jokes have been made about Obama and no one has said anything. I know this is Dallas but you and I both know that the type of id politics Jealous Jesse and permed up Al use to specialize in is about as dead as dead. No need to beat a dead horse brownie

Brown said...

fair point...but "wtf"?

come on, buddy, this isn't a text message.

use your words.

lol rofl zomg

D-Nasty said...

Personally, I think that race will be brought to the forefront even more than it already is- if that's even possible. I have forwarded the dumbass and shock factor loaded text messages and have also received them. I got a text from a co-worker (you tell me what their race is) that read, "All white people report to the cotton fields at 7 a.m." To me, it's humor. Not everyone sees it that way, but that's how I see it. If you dish it, you better be able to take it. I had to grab my ankles and relax for that one.

I couldn't agree more that no matter who the pres is, you have to stand behind him/her. I didn't vote for Obama, but I will stand behind him as my president.

On another note, who is the chicken shit that decided to be anonymous?

Less politics, more baby arm...