Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Someone's got a birthday today

That's right, exactly one year ago this little blog was born.

We've seen The Brown Five sputter and fail. We've seen the College Football Power Rankings stay powerful. We've seen the NFL Power Rankings fall. We saw the 12 days of Maverick Christmas, and my constant rants against anyone under the age of 25, as well as Big's constant jew hatred and love for video games and fat girls.

We look forward to our second year of blogging.

I think in blog years, we're like 18, so that makes us legal...I'm so going to go have sex with Fleshbot or The Hun or some other adult site.


gerry dorsey said...

congrats boys. keep up the good work.

j-bizzle said...

18, huh? man, you guys are too old for me now!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the "good work."