Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So your looking for a Website

Looking for good times? TB&TB!

We here at TB&TB, and I think i can speak for Brown, do this little website thing for fun. We're not trying to get rich, or become the new Deadspin or anything like that. We started this little blog site to give us something to do with what little free time we have, or to goof off at work, and to talk about and poke fun at things we love, sports.

It's all good times, and over the past year we have done something that we never really thought was possible, we have a readership that extends past our friends and family. Its crazy man, you never know what the ball gonna do.

One of the more interesting things that have come out of this is using Google Analytics, and seeing what people have searched google for that led them to this site. Its fun to look at, and here are some of the more recent ones.

"best metaphors ever" - why yes, yes we do have the best metaphors ever.

"trishelle cantonella" - What makes this funny is this is the 2nd entry when you search her name. I'm sure when she went on the "Real World - Vegas" she had grander thoughts of how her career would turn out. Some years later, when you google her name, the second site that comes up is ours. Silly Chick.

"tyla wynn defecate" - Noted porn star was the subject of a comment by one Tioga, and it made the 2nd page of that search.

"graham harrell" + "nude pictures" - So, if your looking to find nakked pics of the Heisman front runner, we are 4th.

"2 headed penis" - What kills me about this one, is I clicked on through 10 pages of links and didn't find ours. Someone went past 10 pages of links to 2 headed penises(peni?) and landed on us.

"alvin mack you're the one who got my baby sister pregnant" - Quite possibly the one i'm most proud of, because we are the first site if you search for that. The program rules, and i'm glad we are part of it!

"big clitoris" - Best part about this? I don't know how far we are on the search, but i know we are past 5, and the person that clicked on it spent 5 min on site, visited 4 pages, still looking for that big clitoris. Its a myth i tell ya, it's not real!

bio dome "tent" scene - As proud as I am of the Program reference, I'm sure Brown is just as proud our site being 4th for this search.

"das ist gut, ja?" - Javole!

"how did macho man grow his hair back" - How did he get his hair back? Its a mystery to me still.

However you got to the site, be it looking for sportsy goodness, or a Bio Dome reference, we welcome you all.



Brown said...

bio dome tent scene.

thank you. thank you, very much. i'm proud to be a part of this, probably more than a lot of things i'm proud of.

i also take full credit for "big clitoris".

gerry dorsey said...

greatness. i have a very similar post in draft that i'm currently working on. people certainly are amazing.