Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The NFL meets the WWE

The more I think about it, the more i think the NFL wishes it were the WWE. I know alot of you think the WWE is tainted because it fixes matches, and relys on story lines to get views sucked in, but the NFL does the same thing, except it doesn't fix matches, i think.

So lets do this, the NFL as WWE superstars.

Tennessee Titans 9 0 Randy Orton - really good, yet not held with the respect of other top dogs

New York Giants 8 1 HHH - might be at the tail end of their prime, but still the camps.

Carolina Panthers 7 2 edge 3rd best record in the league, yet nobody likes them

Arizona Cardinals 6 3 matt hardy - best performer in a shitty division

Atlanta Falcons 6 3 CM Punk - better than they should be for their time

Baltimore Ravens 6 3 Undertaker - Strong, plays well, yet is at the tale end of greatness

New England Patriots 6 3 Kane - big, slow, wins alot, former champ, nobody cares

New York Jets 6 3 Mr. Kennedy - all talk, nothing to back it up, yet

Pittsburgh Steelers 6 3 Big Show - just fits

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 3 Umaga. Everybody knows they are good, yet nobody really likes to watch them.

Washington Redskins 6 3 Chris Jericho - cult following, better than should be due to lack of size

Buffalo Bills A 5 4 Kofi Kingston: Flying under the radar as a great young talent but will soon be at the top of everyones list.

Chicago Bears 5 4 Dave Batista - people want to root for them, big and scary, yet you like them

Dallas Cowboys 5 4 John Cena - either you love em or you hate em, best talent in nfl

Denver Broncos 5 4 Jeff Hardy - all flash, yet still fizzles out before winning big game

Indianapolis Colts 5 4 JBL - once a great champion, still formidable, yet not like they once where

Miami Dolphins 5 4 William Regal - you know you should respect them, but you kinda still don't

Minnesota Vikings 5 4 MVP - all the potential in the world, yet still missing a few pieces

Philadelphia Eagles 5 4 - The Brain Kendrick - Thinks they deserve the world, when they haven't won anything yet.

Green Bay Packers 4 5 HBK - not as good as they once were, but still put on a hell of a show, and people like to root for them

Jacksonville Jaguars 4 5 Finlay - they just like to fight

New Orleans Saints 4 5 Ray Mysterio - fun to watch yet can't take as serious contender

San Diego Chargers 4 5 - Miz and Morrison lead by a douche Morrison/Phil River, and a crybaby Miz/LDT

Cleveland Browns 3 6 Charlie Hass - never know what team you will get with them, either really good, or really bad

Houston Texans 3 6 Evan Borne - you can see the potential to be great, yet isn't near that yet

Oakland Raiders 2 7 Jamie Noble - can pull a win out their ass every once in a while, kinda like rooting for them, yet you know they are crazy

San Francisco 49ers 2 7 Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Once a respectable team, now just a joke.

Seattle Seahawks 2 7 Shelton Benjamin - should be much, much better than they are

St. Louis Rams 2 7 Festus - either a bad, stupid team, but if the bell rings at the right time, they can pull one out

Cincinnati Bengals 1 8 Crime Time - come on, this one's too easy

Kansas City Chiefs 1 8 - Carlito - famous name, trying to live up to greatness

Detroit Lions 0 9 super crazy - there super! they are crazy! they are super crazy!

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