Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mid Season College Coaching Outlook

Get it? It's a carousel, and it's a post about coaching.

As we slowly inch towards the end of the college football season, inevitably this is where coaching jobs open up and get filled. Some school go with re-treads, some snatch from the pros, and some go grab assistants from programs du jour. I doubt any program would be stupid enough to hire from the high school ranks, right? (That's for the Texas jabs, Big, you jew hater.)

(I'm not claiming this list is wholly encompasing of the jobs that are going to be available, I'm working from memory right now.)

The big ones that are open now...


What do you get?
A constantly overrated ACC team that's been "Bowdenized" for awhile now. A team that isn't really motivated anymore. A shaky quartberack situation since Whitehurst left and an inexperienced offensive line. Oh, and two of your top recruits have dropped Clemson off their lists.

The Clemson job is interesting because you'd be in a weak conference, and for some reason the preseason pollsters love you, so if you just win your conference, you're in good shape.

Likely Candidates
Dabo Sweeney (interim coach, Clemson)
Will Muschamp (defensive coordinator, Texas..ask Iowa State and Syracuse how that worked out for them)
Skip Holtz (head coach, East Carolina)
Tommy Tuberville (head coach, Auburn)

Kansas State

What do you get?
A regressing team that is fading behind Kansas and Missouri in the Big XII North. The Wildcats' defense has been nothing short of pitiful these days and Prince went the Juco route of stocking his talent base...a usual gamble in the college football world. Kansas State has jumped up to bite some people during Prince's reign (yes, I'm looking at my alma mater), but for the most part, they probably wish Bill Snyder was still around.

Likely Candidates
Bill Snyder (former head coach, Kansas State)
Dennis Franchione (former head coach, Texas A&M)
Gary Patterson (head coach, TCU)


Tiller retired, and Danny Hope was already named the head coach, so I don't think this really is part of the carousel.


What do you get?
One of the (tarnished) crown jewels of the SEC. Like it or not, Tennessee is one of the big programs of the SEC and is always a big game on the schedule for people. Phil Fulmer just hasn't been able to rekindle the days of Peyton Manning Tee Martin.

Likely Candidates
Butch Davis (head coach, UNC...ignore what he says about wanting to stay there)
David Cutcliffe (head coach, Duke...ditto for Cutcliffe)
Mike Leach (head coach, Texas Tech)
Will Muschamp (defensive coordinator, Texas)


What do you get?
Well, the worst team in college football right now. A team that's at the bottom of the recruiting pile in the PAC-10. A team that can't seem to win a game at all. A team that just makes people scratch their heads as to what the hell happened under Ty Willingham.

Funny thing about Washington is that this seems to be the most rumored job for NFL coaches to end up at.

Likely Candidates
Lane Kiffin (former head coach, Oakland Raiders)
Jim Mora Jr. (offensive coordinator, Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Leach (head coach, Texas Tech)
Jeff Tedford (head coach, California)

The big one that's about to open up (I think)..

Notre Dame

What do you get?
The most storied, albeit overrated, college football program in the country. A lucrative deal as the "outsider" team with agreements for each bowl and the BCS, as well as your own television deal with NBC. Not to mention a shit ton of money from alumns who want to return Notre Dame to greatness. The Great Weis Hope experiment has failed miserably, and I believe Notre Dame wants to ship his fat ass out of there.

Other openings, both definite and possible...


What do you get?
You get Auburn, a perennial SEC favorite that always seems to falter when they should be at the top of their game. Tuberville's done a solid job winning the Iron Bowl 6 straight times and getting an undefeated team to be shunned for the national championship. Tuberville has admitted that his team's been vanilla this year, and that things haven't exactly gone to plan...rumors have his seat red hot now.

North Texas

What do you get?
Boy, I'm not going to pretend like I know this team like Big does. I'm just going by what I've heard from them. North Texas has a whole lot of nothing going for them, and the Dodge ball experiment hasn't really one over as planned. Ask Big what he thinks because anything I say is conjecture at best.


What do you get?
Toledo, one of the MAC darlings were notified that their coach, Tom Amstutz, was resigning at the end of the year. A pretty sputtering offense with no lock at quarterback, but a solid rushing attack can vault a coach's resume to something further down the road. Toledo has won a few MAC championships, but has had a pretty piss poor season so far, though they did notch a win against Michigan.

Likely Candidates
I'm not going to lie, I don't have the slightest idea. I'd say look for mid-tier coordinators and wash out coaches trying to re-trench themselves at a known program.

West Texas A&M

What do you get?
I don't know, I just wanted to remind everyone of the failure that Ryan Leaf has become.

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Big said...

UNT won't get rid of Dodge yet, they are still paying Darrell Dicky a mill a year for cutting his sorry "run the right trap" ass. And if its one thing UNT needs, is to save money. Dodge will be back, for at least one more year.