Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe he sounds like Mike Tyson


I'm not a big fan of the sports media. I mean that. I don't really like the fact that guys are getting paid to do what I give for free, criticism without base.

Also, in our sound byte seeking media, it's no wonder that people have to be always be politically correct or outright silent to avoid being pegged as Terrell "Get Your Popcorn Ready" Owens or "Straight Cash Homey" Randy Moss.

The media is annoyed if an athlete doesn't say anything, but if they only say the "right" things they are robotic. If an athlete attempts to be funny or just says what's on their mind, they're edited to be crazier than Chad Johnson (who might actually be crazy).

Anyway, it didn't even dawn on me until I read this that Marion Barber refuses to speak to the media.

It's not that he's got the social anxiety problem that Ricky Williams has. It's not that he's been muzzled or so often misquoted that he is shielded for the media. He's simply afraid of what the media will do to him if he opens his mouth.

Think about it. For all intents and purposes, Barber is the nicest and smartest guy in that locker room and one of the, supposedly, best teammates there could be. He just doesn't do interviews because he's afraid that people are going to misconstrue what he says or chop his sound bytes to make him sound like a bad guy.

At the same time, if you don't say anything inflammatory, he shouldn't have to worry. I wonder if Kyle Kozier has ever played the trick where you write "I am sofa king we todd did" on a piece of paper and he asked Barber to read it out loud. That'd be a real hoot.

You just said it out loud, didn't you.



Pierce34 said...

I don't have a problem with him keeping quiet. He does his talking on the field. Ask the Redskins if he sounds like Mike Tyson.

D-Nasty said...

Maybe he listened to Isaac Hayes. Who knows? Either way, I prefer it the way it is. We have enough PT Barnum going on around here.