Thursday, November 20, 2008

If Sparano was still in Dallas....

...I'm pretty sure he'd have murdered Wade Phillips and would use his skin as tarp to cover the end zone or something.

There's a reason Big likes this guy, and it ain't his coaching.

From ESPN via MJD at the Shutdown Corner, apparently Tony Sparano doesn't give a good god damn if you're injured or not

"Nobody feels sorry for you one way or the other," Sparano said. "The Patriots don't feel sorry for us. We really don't feel sorry for them.

"So at the end of this if you are hurt and truly hurt, that is one thing. If you are bumped up, nicked up, whatever it is -- there's a pretty good chance there is a lot of people in this league that are nicked up, hurt whatever it is -- they have to play.

"So the message is simple: If you want to go to heaven you have to die to get there."

Holy shit, how intense is that?

This guy doesn't even put anyone on his injury report. Why? They're alive. I was wondering why Chad Pennington's noodle arm hasn't fallen off yet.

Is there any surprise that this guy was a Parcells clone and went where Bill told him to? Wade Phillips would be Sparano's bitch so fast, it wouldn't be funny. Jerry was probably terrified of him so he let him go.

I'm really starting to think that Bill Parcells is like Michael Corleone, Sparano is his Al Neri and I'm guessing that makes Bill Belichick the Nick "Ace" Geraci...I dunno, I'm still working on this comparison. (Don't worry if you don't know who Geraci is, I might be the only person who's ever read "The Godfather Returns" or "The Godfather's Revenge")

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