Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't we know how this story ends?

Donny Doo

Landon Donovan.

US Soccer's main man, and, ultimately, the face of US Soccer right now.

Bayern Munich of the German Bundesliga and their coach Juergen Klinsmann have been impressed with Donovan and would like to loan him from the L.A. Galaxy for the beginning of 2009, and possibly get him long term.

And this would be for the first team, not the reserves.

Donovan hasn't faired well when he's attempted to make the jump from the MLS to the Euros. Having been the face of US Soccer, people have wanted Donovan to take the proverbial next step for a long time. I say that because the MLS doesn't have the talent players need to really step up their games and ultimately represent their nations for the international caps.

A majority of the US team plays overseas, and Donovan has failed in all his attempts prior to this. To his credit, he admits it.

"As a person and a player, I am completely different now to how I was then, I have matured. I am ready. I believe I can keep up with all the other players, even if I am not the best player here."

Having struggled to make the grade in Germany last time, Donovan admits he has learned from the experience. "I recognise Leverkusen wasn't the problem, I was," he said. "I just wasn't ready for it."

Well, here's hoping that he can make it happen this time, and maybe even convince Klinsmann to manage the US team in the future. Donovan's always been "right there" and he's got to show that he's got the cajones to live up to the hype that was created for him.

Now, I'm sure the lone soccer nut in our readership, Chillumsworth, will chime in and tell me how off base I am because we all know Chillumsworth is an EPL guy and has a hard man crush on Brian Ching. What can I say, he likes Asians with big quads. What?

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