Monday, November 17, 2008

College Football Round Up - week 12 - Ramping up


For the second straight week, may Saturday wasn't spent lounging in front of the TV, with the remote in my hand, surfing between ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FSN, and Spike, watching the greatness that is college football. No, like last weekend I didn't get a chance to watch much, but this time it wasn't due to lack of a TV, this weekend the High School football post season started, and I "worked" 1 game Friday, and 2 on Saturday. I highly doubt anybody cares about Texas High School football out side of people in high school and their parents, but it was entertaining to me, and if you want predictions or recaps, hit me up in the comments or email.

However, just like last weekend, nothing really crazy went down this weekend on the College Football Landscape, unless of course your a fan of the ACC. It was just another week closer to bowls. So lets get to the rankins, which haven't really changed much at all.

Main Eventers.

No. 1 Alabama (win 32-7, Mississippi State) - After being questioned to their ability to play better ball in the second half than in the first all year long, Bamma outscored Mississippi State 20-0 in the second half. This wasn't a game that most Bamma fans were worried about, but I'm sure plenty of them were when State took a 7-5 lead in the 2nd. No worries, Tide, as a Javier Arenas 80 punt return and a run game that gained almost 200 yards again put up plenty of points, and the defense locked down the Bulldogs rushing game, holding them to only 35 yards.

No. 2. Texas Tech (Idle) - Just counting down till the showdown in Norman this week. To fill up space, here is Grahm Harrell's numbers so far with 2 regular season games left: att:463 comp:332 yards:4077 TD's:36.

Mid Carders

No. 4 Florida (win 56-6, No. 25 South Carolina) - I don't know what feeling fans of the Crimson Tide had on Saturday, happyness that they won big over Mississippi State, or undieing fear that they have to play Florida in a few weeks. South Carolina isn't a world beater, but they aren't a joke team either, and hanging 56 on them is impressive. Florida's spread offense is proof that you can run, and run well out the spread, this week going for almost 350 yards. Florida is good, and out of all the teams I wouldn't want to play, Florida is tops of that list.

No. 3 Texas (win 35-7, Kansas) - The fighting Mangino's were no trouble at all for the Longhorns. Texas held Kansas to 47 yards rushing and out gained them by over two yards per rush and pass. So the trap game against Kansas wasn't a trap game at all, and now all they have left is the pitiful Aggies. In a perfect Longhorn world, Oklahoma would beat tech this week, but get no love from the BCS, keeping Texas in front of Oklahoma.

No. 6 USC (win 45-23, Stanford) - I feel bad for the men of troy. I know it seems every week I jump on here and say that, but it still rings true. They only have one loss, to a now ranked Oregon State team, and continue to win, yet are barley talked about in the same light as Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida. The game against Stanford wasn't the great defensive performance that we have seen out of USC the last few weeks, but they did what needed to be done to get the win.

No. 5 Oklahoma (idle) - Oklahoma's had the week off, getting ready for the showdown with Tech, and then the season ending game against Oklahoma State. Can't believe that the Coaches poll had Oklahoma rated over Texas last week, they got it right this week, but that just shows you how sad the Coaches poll can really be.

No. 8 Penn State (win 34-7, Indiana) - Sorry boys, but there is little you can do to get back that loss last week. Its going to be fun watching Penn State and USC in the Rose this year. By fun i mean boring, as these two team have stellar defenses. Ohh wait, they may be playing Oregon State in the Rose, as they have the inside track to winning the conference.

BCS Busters

No. 7 Utah (win 63-14, San Diego State) - Almost 600 yards total offense, with nearly 200 of it coming on the ground. They got the showdown with the Mormons from BYU this weekend, and it should be a great game, if only I had "The Mountain" network to watch it.

No. 9 Boise State (win 45-10, Idaho) - Jeremy Avery had 11 rushes for 156 yards. Only 2 games left against Nevada, and Fresno State.

No. 14 Ball State (win 31-16, Miami (OH)) - They played on Tuesday night, on ESPN, completed 6-9 on third downs, and running back MiQuale Lewis had 165 yards on the ground.

A very hohum weekend for College football, but there is some good games just right around the corner, and of course, the Bowls. Here is the Bowl Breakdown by conference.

ACC - 8
SEC - 8
Big 12 - 7
Big 10 - 7
Big East - 5
Pac 10 - 5
WAC - 5
CUSA - 4
Mid American - 4
Moutian West - 4
SunBelt - 1

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gerry dorsey said...

i actually WAS able to sit on my ass all day saturday and watch nothing but college football and what do i get...the worst slate of college football games of the whole damn year.