Friday, November 14, 2008

Better buy those commemorative coins while you can

The Mayor of Green Bay, I'm sure.

That's right, even I'm going to say it, Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson's lives could be in danger.

Imagine for a second, you live in Green Bay, WI. Eating fried cheese curds, drinking PBR, your teeth are grating because not even you can stand the accent, and every house has an altar to one Brett Favre and the Packers. (And I don't even have the vendetta that Bear has against that place)

Now imagine that your sitting in your house in January (because you've been snowed in), and you're watching the NFL playoffs, but the Packers didn't make it because they missed the Wild Card. You are, however, watching Brett Favre lead the New York Jets in the playoffs.

Urge to Kill, Rising...

Nevermind the fact that Tom Brady went down, the Bills collapsed and the Jets made huge investments in free agents this summer, thereby opening the door for themselves.

Nevermind that the perennial AFC powerhouses are all down this year, therefore opening the field to those second and third tier teams to make it.

Nevermind that the NFC is more competitive than it has been recently, therefore closing the window on the usual 9-7 team sliding in.

Nevermind that Adrian Peterson finally decided to put the Vikings on his back, and that the Sex Cannon has returned to Chicago better than ever to make the NFC North a tough division that cannibalizes itself.

This is totally Ted Thompson's and Mike McCarthy's fault because Brett Favre would have the Packers at 7-3 and Aaron Rodgers sucks...right?

Remember, Packer Fans...


j-bizzle said...

I was thinking something along the line of "No Brett Favre and no playoffs make Homer something something."

Big said...

go crazy?

Anonymous said...

Scoreboard. Super Bowl Champs.