Monday, October 20, 2008

Which would you rather have?


In the ongoing effort to avoid the jinx, let's just pretend that this is a totally hypothetical situation, okay?

Let's say you had your alma mater blazing the college football scene. They're legitimate favorites to win the title this year, and they've passed every test thrown at them this year.

Let's also say that the professional team you follow has spit the bit and is dangerously close to sucking all of the life from its fan base. A fan base, no less, that is threatening mutiny against the coach.

Let's also say, the two are directly related.

Which would you rather have? A National Championship for your alma mater, or a Super Bowl for your professional team.

The college window is extremely small. Given the turnover of students athletes, a team can have a window of maybe one or two years to put together a solid, experienced team to have a legitimate shot to win the whole thing. Even within those one or two years, everything has to go perfect. Every game matters, and a single slip ruins everything. Everyone else's schedules matter. The team is at the mercy of a screwed up polling and computer system.

The professional window is only slightly larger. Free agency has let to a turnover rate of players in the blink of a contract. Games can be lost, as the season allows for recovery, but playoffs are playoffs are playoffs and a single bad game can ruin the fun. The team is at the mercy of it's own set of egos and general jack-assery.

So, sexy reader, which would you rather have for yourself?

Again...this is totally's not like anyone writing on this site has this situation currently presented to them. Nope, not a single one.


Big said...

give me a BCS over a pro in football, but a pro over a March Madness in basketball.

Seeing as how my alma matar can't even win one game, getting to a BCS game would suffice for me.

Go Mean Green!!

gerry dorsey said...

i'd say college. and no i don't think bama is going to win it all this year. i can't explain why, but my college team draws way more emotion out of me than my pro teams (saints by the way). when my college team loses it fucking ruins my day. when my pro team loses, it bothers me, but doesn't really ruin my day.

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on "your team."

If I were a Texan's fan I would rather see them win a Super Bowl then see UT win a BCS game. If it is between the Cowboy's and UT I am gonna go with UT. I am thinking of switching favorite NFL Teams. I hate the cowboys more than usual this year. The only guy I like on the team is Jason Witten. Then again I always like Dallas' Tight Ends. *insert gay joke here*