Thursday, October 2, 2008

My New Favorite non Cowboy NFL Star

You Can't Controll what the Ball do! Its Crazy Man!

Chad Ocho Cinco.

This is stolen almost verbatum from The Mighty MJD.

Here is some quotes from Chaz Cinco.

On wanting to become a Cowboy someday.

"Let me tell you, I don't mean to be funny ... I'm not tried to be rude or [tick] anybody off, but if I was in Dallas, they would have to change all of our damn games to pay-per-view because you need to pay to see that [stuff] ... Because you can't just watch a show like that for free; 81 and 85? Come on, now. Please."

"Tell Jerry Jones I said hello, and give me a call some time."

On "showing respect" if he scores this weekend in Irving.

"That's America's team. It's one of the greatest organizations ever. This week, to show my respect for Dallas and its owner, Jerry Jones, I'm going to score and I'm going to kiss the star. I'm telling you, I'm not being rude about anything, I'm going to kiss the star."

On "leting the old 85 back out"

"We are 0-and-4. So therefore, I think my mouth needs to start running again, and get this [stuff] going, excuse me. Whether you like me or not, whether you like the stuff that I do or not, it ain't right. We 0-and-4, and I'm gonna get it stirred back up the way it used to be ... I told Mr. Brown, early today in practice, I'm lettin' the cat out the bag. He ignored me."

And the best for last, On why the Bengals suck this year.

"Think about this: You remember our '05 season right? Our '05 season we were unbelievable. Our '05 season is the year everybody went to jail and got arrested. That year everybody got in trouble. So maybe the bad was a good thing ... We have cleaned house and nobody is getting in trouble anymore, no DUIs, no arrests, now we're getting our [heineys] whopped. Maybe, I don't know, maybe I should go out, have a drink, get in trouble."

Man, that guy is FUCKING CRAZY!

I love him so.

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D-Nasty said...

That guy looks like he belongs on the set of Mad Max or Waterworld, not a football field. All I know is that if he sprints to midfield, someone better put the smackdown on his ass at the 25.