Monday, October 13, 2008

How to fix the Dallas secondary....

The red part is the defense. It's bleeding. The offense is blue. It's cold.

You're probably wondering why I'm writing all the Cowboy posts and not mentioning a certain football program from my alma mater. If you think I was scared of jinxing them before, you have no idea now. Not even Dorsey can pull me off sides with his Alabama chatter.

I already addressed the Owens situation, so I wanted to follow up with the Dallas secondary.

Wasn't this group supposed to be the most feared in the league? Newman, Henry, Jones, Jenkins, Scandrick, Hamlin, Williams (HA!), Watkins and Davis?

Let's go through that again:
Newman - Injured. Again.
Henry - I love this guy. The fact you never hear about him or his side of the field should tell you something.
Jones - Might have the iron hand of Der Kommisar Goodell laid down upon him
Jenkins - Rookie
Scandrick - Rookie
Hamlin - Does a fine job as well
Williams - Injured. Can't cover bread with peanut butter and a knife.
Davis - Special Teamer
Watkins - Hurt.

Oh boy.

So how do the Cowboys fix the leaks? Well, one advantage that Dallas has that they really didn't have before is they still have a pass rush. Yes, I said it, they still have a pass rush. Remember when there was no Ware and Ellis? Exactly.

The trade deadline is tomorrow. I say, make a deal.

I'm fully aware of the fact that's much easier said than done, but hear me out.

Newman has proved his an injury risk, and when he did play this year, I believe he was made into someone's bitch. I like Newman, but if he's not 100%, he's a liability. The Pacman move hasn't exactly lit up the way we were all expecting it to, and if Goodell does take action, I say cut your losses and send him to Northwest Highway with whatever you can in singles.

So, who do you give and who do you get?

There are two immediate thoughts that come into my head:

1) Nnamdi Asomugha out of Oakland. I've been out there the past 5 or 6 weeks. This kid is good. Really good. And he's been franchised. I don't think the animated corpse of Al Davis is going to want to franchise this kid AGAIN or pay him the contract it would take to keep him on that sinking ship. Davis has already tied up a stupid amount of bonus money in terrible ideas like Tommy Kelly and Jevon Walker, I just doubt he can afford to keep one of the actually good players he has. Make a deal, send him big names that we have and he'll be happy. Really, I'm not kidding. Davis might be conned into taking Pacman (boy, talk about a good time, DeAngelo Hall and Pacman on the same team!) or the Cowboys can package something. Jerry Jones is Al Davis when Al Davis was a true architect (70's-80's)...see what you can muster.

2) Lito Sheppard out of Philly. Yes, I'm aware that it's more likely to get Champ Bailey than to trade with a division rival in a division that is ungodly competitive right now. Even Peter King thinks this isn't the worst idea. Philly was trying to move Sheppard before, and they pretty much signed his death warrant by bringing in Samuel this offseason. Jerry Jones has pulled off weird shit before, I'm thinking maybe a 11th hour miracle could be put in play.

I don't claim to have the solution, but I know that over the next 6 weeks, the defense is going to have to win games because without Romo, a terrible offensive line, and the special teams acting like swiss cheese, the rest of the team isn't going to do a damn thing to win.

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