Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Douche or No?

I got another Douche or no for you.

Its an Idaho football game, where the kicker is also the teams QB. During Kickoff the receiving team runs this play. Watch the kicker and keep in mind that this is High School Football, and the Kicker is also the QB.

The coach was put on administrative leave. There were no flags, as its not a penalty to do this, but I must ask the question, Is this coach a Douchbag, or is this more indication of the wussyfacation of America?

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gerry dorsey said...

fucking douche with a capital d. i'm a known opponent of the pussification of america, but i also hold certain things in sports sacred, many of which are of the "unwritten" variety. that was some dirty shit that you just don't do and its a good way to get someone on your own team hurt in retaliation.

j-bizzle said...

definite douchebaggery going on there. i'm with gerry on this one. you don't demolish kickers like that regardless of whether they play another position, qb or otherwise. if the guy you're about to drop the hammer down on isn't expecting it, then there's a great chance you're going to hurt him. as a qb, you're expecting it...as a kicker, that's the last thing you want!

i don't know what the score was, but i'm sure that kid was sent in to take the kicker/qb out.

speaking of kickers....anybody see the kicker who lowered the boom on the return guy this past weekend? i can't remember which game it was but it was the best tackle by a kicker i've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

bears/seahawks game

josh brown of the seahawks "lowered the boom" on devin hester

not a lot of video out there of it unfortunately..

gerry dorsey said...

hey j-bizzle...click here

j-bizzle said...

that's the one i was talkin' about. thanks gerry. maybe he could give the defensive roy williams some lessons on how to tackle effectively.