Monday, October 27, 2008

college football round up - week 9 - who is the baddest!?


While we won't know the answer to who is the greatest in the land for another 2 months, this last weekend was all about teams standing up in a movie theater, asking the question "who is the masta!?!" and having everybody shout "Sho Nuff!"

"Who is the Masta of ......"

Big 12 : "Texas"
Big 10: "Joe Pa"
Big East "West Virginia"
Sunbelt: "North Tex...eerrrrr.... Troy!"
WAC: "Boise!"
SEC East: "Florida/Georgia" (all right they can't all be nice)
The Spread Offense: "Texas Tech"
Running game: "Navy"

It was a weekend where teams really took care of business, and tried to make a statement about where they season is going to end up. We had big games in about all divisions, with the end results more than likely playing into what bowls teams will get in.

We are 8 games into the season, and with 4 more regular season games for most teams, here are the bowl eligible teams already, Maryland, North Carolina, Missouri, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Connecticut, South Florida, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Tulsa, TCU, Utah, Air Force, Brigham Young, Central Michigan, Ball State, Western Michigan, USC, Oregon, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Boise State.

Conference breakdown of most bowl eligible teams so far.
Big 12 - 5
Big 10 -5
Mountain West - 4
SEC - 3
Mid American - 3
Pac 10 - 2
ACC -2
Big East - 2
WAC - 1
USA - 1
Sunbelt - 0

I know it means very little at this point, but its always fun to poke the bear that is the SEC and drive them crazy by pulling stats like that out your ass. Because we all know, the biggest blowhards are the fans of the SEC, they make Texas football enthusiasts (the state not the Univ) look like namby pambys.

On to the rankings. Since we are starting to get into the think of things, the Main Eventers may not be 5 teams anymore, the Main Eventers are now teams with a real, legit shot at finding their way into a title game.

Main Eventers.

No. 1 Texas (win 28-24, No. 6 Oklahoma State) - The stretch of games that Texas has played might be the hardest stretch for a college football team that I can ever remember. If they pull it off this week vs. Tech, this will be who they have beaten over the last 4 weeks, The Rival, The Offense, the Running game/Defense, and the Passing Game. That's four different types of teams, all with their own different strengths. If they do it this week, it will be something not even VY did in his day.

Texas never trailed in this game, and Colt was just as good as he always is, 38-45, 391, and 41 on the ground. Texas committed only one penalty all game long, and converted on 11-14 third downs, and Jordan Shiply was fantastic, 15 receptions, 168 yards. The game was always close, but the Horns never trailed and played great defense in the fourth quarter to keep State out of the end zone.

No. 2 Alabama (win 29-9, Tennessee) - Say what you want to about how "down" Tennessee is this year, they still have players who can hurt you, and Alabama knew that, and just headbutted them over and over again to win the game handily. The Bama defense held Tennessee to only 173 total yards, and just 36 on the ground. While this defense is good, really good, the offense really needs to start showing me more to buy in that they can beat Florida, and if they both get there, Texas.

No. 3 Penn State (win 13-6, No. 9 Ohio State) - Penn State had the defense. You hold Ohio State to under 65 yards rushing, and you have a pretty stout D, and your going to win the game too. That's what they did. The reason I dropped them from 2 to 3 is I was really hoping for more from this Penn State offense. I really like Daryll Clark, but 12 for 20 and 121 through the air isn't going to cut it vs Texas, Bamma, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma or USC.

No. 5 USC (win 17-10, Arizona) - They really just love to play down to their opponent, don't they? I said last week that this would be the best chance for someone to beat USC for the rest of the year, and I almost looked like a genius. Statistical USC should have won this game by 20, but I don't know if its lack of killer instinct, or what, but out gaining your opponents by almost 200 yards and then only winning by 7 because you couldn't get into to endzone like you needed too? Come on. Something should be said for grinding out a victory I guess.

No. 8 Texas Tech (win 63-21, No. 23 Kansas) - First nice win of the year for the Red Raiders, and it came right in the nick of time. They needed to win this game handily, so they could have some confidence this week when big bad UT comes to town. Graham Harrell was money this week, 34-42 386, and 5 TD's. IF they can pull of the shocker this weekend, you have to put Tech in the top 3. On the flip side, Kansas now becomes that "i really don't want to play them" team that is out of the race for big 12 championship, but can still fuck up alot of shit, including playing at Texas later this year.

No. 7 Georgia (win 52-38, No. 13 LSU) - Don't get it twisted, LSU is still a good football team, but Georgia just put almost 200 yards rushing, and forced 3 INTs vs them. You do that, and your going to win more games than you lose. Knowshawn is great in this one, 21 for 163. Right now that SEC East is looking like its going to get fun this week when Georgia plays.....

No. 10 Florida (win 63-5, Kentucky) - Yup, after this week we will have at least 1 team that will no longer have a shot at the BCS strap. Florida plays Georgia, after they just CRUSHED Kentucky, the same Kentucky team that only lost by 3 to the number 2 team in the land, Bamma. What can you say about the game, when you score 28 first quarter points, stats don't really matter after that.

Mid Card Guys. (see I had 7 main eventers, now the guys who really need help getting to the big show)

No. 4 Oklahoma (win 58-35, Kansas State) - Do i really believe Oklahoma is only the eighth best team in this fair land? Hells no, but right now they need a lot of help to get into that big game. But we'll talk about that later. After weeks of Sam Bradford and co. putting on a show through the air, this week, they rocked one hell of a ground game, to the tune of 273 yards rushing. 2 sooner players went over the century mark, and they took care of K-State. K-State is now 4-4, and they don't have any walkovers except Iowa State left on their schedule. Could this team not make a bowl game?

No. 25 Florida State (win 30-20, Virginia Tech) - I might be going out on too far of a limb here, but Florida State has only one loss, and they can still play a little bit of defense. The game wasn't pretty, as both teams only had 250 some odd total yards, but Florida State didn't turn the ball over, and they forced 2, and that was the deference in this game.

BCS Busters.

No. 12 Boise State (win 33-16, San Jose State) - Held SJSU to 98 yards passing.
No. 14 TCU (win 54-7, Wyoming) - Despite having a loss, they might be the best non BCS team to date.
No. 19 Tulsa (win 49-19, UCF) - Held the Knights to 180 total yards.
No. 20 Ball State (win 38-16, Eastern Michigan) - My bad for leaving Ball State off last week.

Big Ups to all my Haters upset of the week:

No. 15 Missouri (win 58-0, Colorado) - For the second week in a row its not a true upset that gets the upset of the week, but how well a team played. I feel bad for Colorado, who was alot of people's darkhourse to win the Big 12 North, and they got a really, really, pissed of Missou.

Local Love.

No. 14 TCU (win 54-7, Wyoming) - No turnovers, and 444 yards of total O. Nice showing for the Froggies.

Southern Methodist (loss 7-34 Navy) - And the Ponys are out of bowl eligibility. Total yards, SMU 144, Navy 404. Total Rushing yards, SMU -13, Navy 404. That's right. All of Navy's yards came on the ground. Let me say that again. ALL OF NAVY'S YARDS CAME ON THE GROUND! They didn't even attempt a pass. Not one.

North Texas (loss 17-45 Troy) - Any way we can play Washington at some point this year? They are the only team besides us that don't have a win yet. Fantastic. Fun little short stories from the UNT homecoming.

I don't understand how there is only bar that everybody wants to go to after the game, when there is a street of bars. I love this certain bar very much, and go there often. I don't want to should like an elitist here, but I'm not waiting in line for a bar for 30 min, even if its my favorite bar, when next door I can sit and have a drink, and wait for the line to go down. But that's just me.

First sighting of a chick crying for some reason? 8:00 pm. Don't know why. But that still seems early.

Speaking of crying, thanks to the Mexican for sending me into the hornets nest of a crying girl. He told me "go talk to her, you have a good shot at getting some." So of course I did, but then i found out the reason I had a shot is her boyfriend, a guy I know, not really a friend, but still a guy I know, had been macking down with another chick when she got to the bar, and she was a wreck.

Thanks buddy.

That's it for now. Later this week, I'll give you my road to the Championship game as well as the Heisman favs. Big ups to Halloween, the most fun Holiday for people aged 3-12 and 18-35, but for completely different reasons.


Brown said...

Right there with you on not wanting to wait in line at a bar for more than 0 minutes.

Literally, I was sitting at the table with you having a drink watching a girl cry at 8 pm.


gerry dorsey said...

*known sec (and bama) blowhard*

-the sec bowl eligibility thing will change in next couple weeks as unlike the big 12, sec teams tend to save at least one non conference game for novemberish. see bama taking on arky state this week as a prime example.

-the uf/uga sec east thing will obviously take care of itself on saturday.

-bama can't beat florida. so don't worry about looking for things that would make you believe such. i'm praying for uga to somehow make it to atlanta should bama be able to find their way there.